Book cafe in 상수

This place is veryyyyy expensive. That lemonade was 7천원 ㅠㅠㅠ
They have power outlets at every table and the chairs were very comfy. But I def. wont ever go there again ;

Dessert Cafe ChikaLicious in 상수

I got the strawberry and the banana choco cupcakes. I got the mini versions but they have big versions too. Both the cupcakes were very good, especially the banana choco one, as it was very moist and fluffy.
I wouldn’t recoment getting their americano though. It was sour??. Not a very pleasant experience ㅡㅡ
If you go there, don’t expect to be able to sit down if you go there because they only have 6 seats!

The cat was so cute! The store (sangsu) itself has cute stuff too hehe

Publique (퍼블리크) in 상수

I got the 오미자 ade. It does really taste like omija! But it was just a bit too sweet for me.;;^^

This place in sangsu has a turtle!!

What’s Pide in 합정

I walked past this fast food place a hundered times and yesterday I decided to finally try one of their “burgers”. I got it as takeaway because I live 50m from there hehe
It was better than I thought. The burgerpatty was really soft? and jucy. The burger also had a surprising amount of cabbage and lettuce in it.
The only thing I didnt like about it is the mayo at the bottom ㅡㅡ.

상수 2014.

Walking up to namsan tower.

Glad I went alone because walking up all the stairs turned me into an ugly sweaty mess.

Meanwhile in korea…..

명동1번지 close to 춘천 명동거리.

My friend will be moving to chuncheon for language school, so I went there with her to “help” her move (I m useless lol).
As Chuncheon happens to be famous for 닭갈비 we decided to get some while there.
And it was good!! Less spicy than what I m used too and it wasnt swimming in sauce. Plus they had lettuce to wrap it in.