Donkatsu and curry I got at the airport.

막걸리 chocolate I got my mom.
She said it tastes…interesting…

삼겹살 and 목살 in 신촌

Walking up to 환선굴

물회 eaten somewhere in 삼척

Cafe 슬로비 in 홍대.

We got the lunch menu (it changes everyday); Today it was 된장국수, 닭살냉채,고춧잎나물, 두부구이, 김치 and salad.

They have vegan and vegetarian food on their menu, and they use organic produce. They even have organic 막걸리! 

In 합정.

Aimerfeel (japanese underwear store) has a sale right now!

I got a set for 35,000원. I like cute kitschy stuff, but they have plain bras too!

They actually carry pretty big sizes, Just the ones I saw lying around went up to a F (UK E, US DD). I don’t know about band sizes though.