Basilur (베질루르 ) in Sinsa

I got the lemon mousse with one of the tea cocktails they offer, caribbean blue.  My friend got the berry cheese cake.

The cocktail was okay, but I don’t think it’s worth going there just for that. The taste was very flowery, the blue part was carbonated, and the bubbles didn’t have that much flavor but they popped nicely.

The cakes, however, were delicious. Not too sweet, a bit tart.

It’s a bit expensive but not excessively so Both cocktail and mousse were around 6000won.

The place is pretty spacey, they have wifi, I saw power outlets. We sat on the balcony and had nice lightning and it’s a good place to just people watch.^^

The have an afternoon and evening tea set, but we couldn’t get it because we went there to early.

At snob in 합정/상수

I got the blueberry tart. My friend got the tiramisu cake.
The tart was good. The used real vanilla bean and the blueberries were fresh. The thing wasnt overly sweet either^^. Nothing exeptional back home but in korea its nice to have something that isnt 99% whipped cream.
The tiramisu cake was a bit soggy - cafe was dripping out. But still good according to my friend.

For the cafe however….they dont have wifi, the ordering process is complicated and its less nice inside than in your average tomtoms. Even the lighting was bad.
I would def. just get takeout if you want to try the cake there.

선비만두 in 합정.

The make the mandu they use fresh everyday. They have kimchi, meat and fried mandu.

I got the 만두칼국수 with kimchi mandu. The broth was 해물 based and had this “sweetness” (maybe I should say umami idk) to it I really like. Lots of clams in there too!
The kimchi mandu filling was spicy and definitely home made. The only thing that bothered me a bit is that the mandu skin is a bit thick.

At Seoul forest.

Cake and patbingsu at JBrown in Hongdae/Habjeong.
The cake was creamy, not overly sweet, but it didnt have enough strawberries in it for my taste. The bingsu had perfectly tempered iceflackes and wasnt too sweet or too watery.
Beverages come with three of those chocolate sticks. The one pictured was delicious!

At Jack’s Bean (잭스빈) in Hongdae.

Went there with my vegetarian friend ;^^
What can I say, it was delicious!!

Got my nails done at nail in japan, 신촌.

딸기빙수 in 신촌

Got the Jeju green tea at starbucks (they didnt have that last year!). Pretty sure they used water that was way too hot. Or left the leaves in for too long. Or both. It has that bitter weird taste. Would not recomment.

beetsket at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

I got watermelon,  peach and raspberry. You put the flavors you want in the molds they provide and just give it to them at the counter. And it was good. So good. Really good.

They have tons of fruit and veggies to choose from, as you can see they even have kale! lol